Boost Your Business Protection with Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Extra Protection for Unpredictable Moments.

Commercial umbrella insurance acts as your business safety net. When your primary insurance policies max out, this coverage steps in, ensuring you aren’t left grappling with out-of-pocket expenses.

When Your Primary Coverage Just Isn’t Enough
Every business insurance policy, whether it’s for liability or property, comes with a cap. If a claim exceeds this cap, without a backup, your business would bear the brunt of the additional costs. That’s where commercial umbrella insurance shines. It activates precisely when your primary policy has exhausted its limit, ensuring your business remains shielded from unforeseen financial burdens.

Breaking Down the Umbrella Coverage
Imagine you have a $500,000 liability insurance limit, but face a $700,000 claim. With commercial umbrella insurance, your primary policy covers the initial $500,000, while the umbrella policy takes care of the extra $200,000.

Coverage Possibilities with Umbrella Policy

Legal Fees: Protects against mounting legal bills.
Medical Expenses: Assists with costs related to injuries.
Liability Issues: Addresses concerns like property damage or bodily injuries.
Is Umbrella Insurance Right for You?
Evaluate factors like your business exposure, frequency of client interactions, and off-site work commitments. It’s about gauging the potential risks that might surpass your primary insurance coverage.

An Affordable Backup for Your Peace of Mind.

Commercial umbrella insurance, given its situational nature, might be more budget-friendly than you think. Costs can vary based on your business’s nature, its size, and existing coverage levels.

Extend Your Business’s Safety Net.

Protect your assets and give your business the added protection it deserves. Reach out to us and explore the benefits of commercial umbrella insurance tailored for you.

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