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The "Ariston Odyssey"

Embarking on our journey over two decades ago, The Ariston Insurance emerged from a profound understanding of two distinct realms: the world of flavors, aromas, experiences inherent to restaurants, the intricate universe of protection that insurance offers. Our inception was not just about starting another insurance agency; it was about building a bridge between these two worlds.

Why Ariston? – A Deeper Dive

Why Ariston? A Deeper Dive

Spanning over 20 years, our expertise isn’t just in drafting policies, but in understanding the heartbeat of the restaurant industry. We’ve witnessed its evolution and have consistently adapted to offer unmatched protection.
Customized Care: Every restaurant has a unique story. Our approach to insurance is like a tailor measuring for the perfect fit. We recognize nuances, craft bespoke solutions, and ensure you’re covered where it truly matters.
Comprehensive Shield: From the tangible bricks of your establishment to the intangible cyber realms, our range of services casts a wide net of protection, ensuring no area is left exposed

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Global Reach with Local Understanding: Frequently Asked Questions

What types of insurance coverage does your company offer?

Explanation about the variety of insurance policies the company provides (e.g., auto, home, life, commercial, health, etc.).

How does Connecticut insurance law affect my policy?

Information on specific state requirements, such as minimum coverage levels for auto insurance, or specific regulations pertaining to other types of insurance in Connecticut.

How can I obtain proof of insurance?

Guidance on how clients can obtain or request proof of their insurance policy, which might be a card, certificate, or digital proof, especially for requirements like state compliance for auto insurance.

our industries

Industries We Serve

Discover the breadth of industries we cater to, each with its unique insurance needs.At The Ariston , we specialize in providing tailored insurance solutions that align with the specific requirements of various sectors. Explore how our expertise can safeguard your business or organization, no matter your industry.


Protect your restaurant business with tailored insurance coverage that safeguards against risks unique to the foodservice industry.


Secure your retail establishment with comprehensive insurance solutions designed to address the specific challenges faced by retailers.

Lessors Risk (Landlord)

Secure your retail establishment with comprehensive insurance solutions designed to address the specific challenges faced by retailers.


Contractors, trust our insurance expertise to shield your projects from unexpected setbacks, ensuring seamless operations and project success.

Churches & Non-Profits

Safeguard your mission-driven organization with insurance that understands the unique needs of churches and non-profit entities.

Medical Offices

Trust our specialized insurance for medical offices to mitigate the risks associated with patient care, compliance, and property protection.


Personal Insurance

Protect yourself and your loved ones from accidents, health issues, and property damage with personal insurance like health, life, auto, home, and travel coverage.


Business Insurance

Safeguard your business against risks like property damage, liability, and interruptions. Tailored insurance packages ensure financial stability and protection for your enterprise.

Benefits of Bundling Insurance Policies for Big Savings

Industry Insurance

Tailored insurance solutions for specific industries (manufacturing, healthcare, technology, etc.) to mitigate sector-specific risks and ensure business continuity.

Importance of Home Insurance

Get in Touch

For inquiries or assistance regarding insurance options customized to your needs, reach out to our dedicated team of professionals.

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The Best Way to Safeguard Your Business Right Now

Passion for Results

Our commitment to insurance excellence drives our passion for delivering exceptional results. We go the extra mile to ensure your coverage meets your unique needs, providing peace of mind.

Quality Services

Quality is at the heart of our insurance services. We prioritize precision, reliability, and efficiency in crafting insurance solutions that stand up to the highest standards.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are core values in our insurance approach. We celebrate varied perspectives to better serve our clients, fostering an inclusive environment that reflects your needs.

Seeking a Top-Tier Insurance Partner?

Cultivate financial security with a trusted insurance partner. We offer top-tier insurance solutions tailored to your unique needs. Explore our expertise and secure your future today.


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