Business Auto Insurance: From Single Vehicles to Fleets, Be Prepared Drive your business forward with confidence.

Why Your Business Needs Specific Auto Coverage.

Accidents happen, and when they involve your business’s vehicles, the implications are multifaceted. Business auto insurance isn’t just a revamped version of personal auto coverage—it’s designed with businesses in mind, offering a suite of specialized protections:

Bodily Injuries: Cover medical expenses resulting from accidents.

Collisions: Address damages from vehicle crashes.
Specific Threats (Named Perils): Insure against specific, named risks.
Property Damage: Safeguard against damages your vehicles might cause to others.
Higher Stakes, Higher Coverage
Given that businesses usually have more at stake than individuals, business auto insurance often provides elevated liability coverage. Plus, collision coverage can be a lifeline, especially for leased or financed commercial vehicles, ensuring repairs regardless of who’s at fault in an accident.

Covering Employee-owned Vehicles Used for Business
Imagine this scenario:

An employee, using their personal car for work, gets into an accident. Your business could be implicated. Non-owned auto liability insurance is the answer to such concerns, offering a protective net for situations where your employee’s personal auto policy falls short.

Protection Beyond Company Cars
While company-owned vehicles are an evident concern, many businesses overlook the potential risks of employees using personal vehicles for business tasks. The solution? Non-owned auto liability coverage. It acts as a safety net, shielding your business from complications arising if an employee faces an accident in their personal vehicle while on company time.

Is Business Auto Insurance Right for You?

If vehicles play any role in your business operations, don’t leave things to chance. Contact us to explore tailored coverage options that match your business’s unique vehicular needs.

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